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Are you informed about the Agreement of the Free Movement of Persons and ist additional protocols? Do you know what EU-25 and EU-2 mean? Which are the impacts of the laws and regulations on the work Permits? What is the significance of the popular initiative aimed at stopping mass Immigration, which was approved on February 9th, 2014? What will the future Immigration policy of Switzerland be and what will its implementation look like? Which impact will the reduction of permit quotas have? How are the minimum salaries to be calculated?

No Problem. You do not have to concern yourself about the legal framework. That is our job.

Together we will determine which type of permit is relevant for your needs

.Depending on the nationality, job profile and the intended function different legal provisions apply which must be upheld by the cantons. This means that there are over a dozen different permit types. We will find the best solution for you.

Personal, professional, fast and cost-efficient we will take care of work and residence permits for work anywhere in Switzerland.

You can leave the determination on which authority is responsible for the evaluation of permits up to us.

Whether it concerns work or residence Permits, we know the geographical jurisdictions as well as the processes and responsibilities within the authorities. We will make sure that your applications are sent to the correct place without delay, as well as treated and approved as soon as possible.

Special permits

We are also your competent partner when it comes to special permtis such as those for nannies, specialty cooks, students, doctorate students, interns as well as contractors.


Sgier + Partner Sàrl

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